Slow Motion Booth Services


What's a Slow Motion Booth?

Slow Motion Booth is an exciting and interactive experience for your guests & clients. Our directors will facilitate the activities in the booth to ensure that guests will have the best possible experience. Once the videos are created, they will be showcased on an external monitor for viewing. Users will also have the ability to share the footage via Email.

How does it work?

We setup a booth at the location of the event. Your guest or clients will record a 3-5 second video inside of the booth. Our software will then convert that video into a dramatic & funny 20-30 second slow motion flick that users can view immediately on a external 48 inch monitor & share via Email.

How many Videos can you make?

Our Slow Motion Booths can produce approximately 20-30 videos per hour. Although the actual video filming is 3-5 seconds, it can take up to 2-3 minutes to get everyone in position for the recording. This can vary based on guests participation.

What does the package include?

Our standard package includes a Director, Assistant Director, Slow Motion Booth, Custom Overlay Design, Fun Props, Backdrop, 48" External Monitor, Digital Copies of all Videos and Social Media Kiosk.

How much does it cost?

Since every event is unique in it's own way, there are many elements we factor into your quote to ensure that you have the best possible photo booth experience. Please contact us for more information and pricing.