Which Service is right for my Event?

Traditional & Modern Photo Booths

We offer booth traditional enclosed photo booths & modern open style photo booths. We understand that every event is unique in its own way so we offer a wide variety of products, booths and services that we be tailored to each event.

Animated GIF Booths

Our GIF Booths takes a series of photos and combines them into an Animated GIF. These can be shared directly to Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Text Messaging.

Boomerang Booths

Boomerang style booths are like Instagram's boomerang feature on steroids! The technology takes the animated GIFs or Videos and displays them in a movie like fast forward and reverse order funny video clips. Users can share directly to Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Text Messaging.

Mi Selfie Kiosk

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Flipbook Service

Each Flipbook has a series of pictures that vary gradually from one page to the next, so that when the pages are turned rapidly, the pictures appear to animate by simulating motion or some other change.

Multi Camera Stations

Our new and upcoming services that we offer are the multi-camera stations. These stations have 6-12 cameras based on configuration that captures photos in different angles and produces a three-dimensional GIFs which can be shared directly to Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Text Messaging.

Slow Motion Booths

Capture video in Slow Motion. Videos can be sent to email for guests to view and share.

Instagram & Twitter Hashtag Printers

Our software monitors unique Hashtags from Instagram & Twitter and sends them directly to our Hashtag Printer stations. Guests will have the ability to print instant photo with your overlay design. The photos can also be viewed as a Slideshow on an external monitor.

Event Photography

We offer several event photography services which includes Step & Repeat with Red Carpet Service, Green Screen Photography, Meet & Greet Event Photography. All of these have customized solutions from onsite printing, social media sharing and more!

Next Steps...

We understand that each event is unique in it's own way. There are many elements we factor in when providing you a proposal. Almost all of our products & services are customizable,  brand-able,  have social media capabilities and can provide data analytics.