Multi Camera Station


What's a Multi Camera Station?

Our Mulit Camera Stations typically consist of 6-12 DSLR cameras based on the configuration and setup. The cameras shoots a series of photos and turns them into a cool three-dimensional GIF which can be shared via Email, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Text Message.

How does it work?

Our friendly host will guide your guest or clients every step of the way. Once your guest they are placed inside of the station, the host will trigger the cameras to take a series of photos. The three-dimensional GIFs then appear on the external monitors for viewing. Users will also have the ability to share on one of their favorite social media platform.

What are the different types of stations?

There are a few different configurations we can provide. The first option is a 6-camera station which works well in a 10x10 footprint. The second option is a 12-camera option for larger footprints or if you would just like to WOW your guest or clients! Both will produce amazing results but more cameras typically means more camera angles and better results!

What's included in the Package?

Our standard packages will include a Host, Technician, Backdrop, Social Media Kiosk, 48" External Monitor, Fun Props and Copies of all the GIFs. Please inquire for more available upgrades.

How much does it cost?

Since every event is unique in it's own way, there are many elements we factor into your quote to ensure that you have the best possible photo booth experience. Please contact us for more information and pricing.